The Ultimative SEO Guide for Beginners

There are a ton of agencies and businesses offering SEO services. Most of them will just tell you the obvious and charge you an insane amount of money for it. Let me explain. The SEO (search engine optimization) is basically, what you can do to make your website more appealing to the search engines like Google.

If you have followed my; “How to Start a Successful Blog with Only $99 Budget” guidance, you have the website ready for your first visitor and probably already getting some traffic.

Today’s internet is about authority and a great content. If you have the theme from and the fast web hosting from A2 hosting, the most basic SEO’s have been taken care of for you.

Since the SEO is about

The most common mistakes in the world of SEO are large sized images or any content which makes loading time of the website too long. Copied, or scrapped content without any specifically focused keywords. Wrong Tags and Meta descriptions which can be solved with a free SEO plugin like (Yoast SEO)
Don’t make the same mistake I made in the beginning. I invested a lot of time, money and resources into the SEO of my website. I was waiting, waiting and waiting but nobody cared, the search engines didn’t care, the visitors didn’t care, literally nobody. My website was lost in the ocean of similar websites. Until I discovered the main reason for high ranking in the Search Engines and that is the backlink strategy!

Backlink strategy was the way to gain authority in my niche and shortly after the traffic started to flood and the visitors and subscribers were signing in.

As you can see in the picture below, the SEO (on-page optimization) is responsible for only 15% of overall domain ranking factor. Compared with the backlink strategy (domain trust + link popularity + anchor text of external links) takes 67% stake!


Are you surprised?

Well, the majority of the online companies on the internet are making money from the human’s lack of knowledge. Don’t get me wrong. SEO is important to pass the “Googlebot” review. What does that mean?

The Search Engine (Google, Bing etc.) will discover your website through the authority of your backlinks. Once Google’s web crawling bot (“Googlebot”) starts to scan your website, the SEO optimization comes very handy to give to the Bots, what you have to offer. You simply make it easier for the Bots to discover, crawl and submit everything important to the search engine results. You can help Google’s bot to crawl your website via Google Webmaster Tool as well.

Some people are confused with the words SEO (search engine optimization) and throw everything under these three letters. But SEO means to optimize your website. Backlink strategy and gaining authority is a second part of the process.

A nice example is a real life cupcake shop. The shop is clean and nicely organized (“SEO”).

People are talking about the cupcake shop and recommending it to others (backlink and authority strategy)

So, now that you know the difference, let’s talk about the Authority and Backlinks Strategy of your website!

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