How to Start a Successful Blog with Only $99 Budget

“Start your own website for free today” is a common slogan in one of the ADs running on the TV these days. But the vast majority of us know that in this world, nothing is really free. So, let’s have a look, how much does it actually cost to set up a blog or website until it starts to produce some revenue.

There are two options on how to start your own blog. You can buy an expired domain and continue to build on something that somebody gave up. The second option is to focus on a brand new website – from scratch.

We will focus on the second option

First think first. The domain name is an important aspect of the website. The more accurate a domain name is to your topic or “niche” the better. But don’t spend a lot of time or money on the exact domain name. Most of the domains are taken anyway and the domain brokers are asking crazy money for it. Nonsense! Why?

A few years ago, users were searching the internet by typing a domain name related to what they want; For instance, a user is thinking about having pizza, would type and hope to find a website listing out pizza places close to his/her location.

The time has changed. Today, the user looks for pizza by typing the search term on his/her smartphone and in return the search engine accesses the location of the device and returns the results of pizza places around the user. Just try it for yourself. If you type “pizza” into Google Search the domain is not even in the top 20.

The result – don’t spend too much time thinking about the domain name, simply pick something that is close to your niche and if at least one word in the domain describes the product or topic you are going to promote, that is enough.

Don’t get me wrong, if you get the exact domain name of your product, that’s great from marketing and brand building perspective but the price tag is often so high that it doesn’t really make sense.

So, let’s keep it simple for the beginning. I recommend going to because they have a great system of domain name recommendation.

See the picture below for example. I highly recommend the domain extension (.com) if you are planning to make a blog for profit. Technological blogs can get a (.net) domain and nonprofit (.org).  Everything else is a waste of money.


After hours of selecting the domain name, you finally got it. Great!

Now is time to start the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) process. Yes, from this point already. You have to choose a good web hosting. The most important factors to consider when choosing web hosting services are their UP time, customer service and the speed of their servers. The speed is the key! I personally use A2 hosting because their servers are running on the high-speed SSD drivers rather than the outdated rotated HDD’s. Fast loading websites are getting more “attention” from Google and that’s part of the optimization. And last but not least, the user experience is much better and can prevent users to leave the website before even loads on. Well, nobody wants to wait these days, right?

The next step is to pick the right theme and the CMS (content management system). WordPress is the number one free CMS platform on the internet. The theme you have to look for has to be simple, easy to navigate, with a FAST loading time (again important for SEO) and good looking of course! I personally get the templates from because of their clean code and fast loading time optimization.

Creating content

Content is the King! The internet is full of duplicated and rewritten content. The only way to stand out of the crowd is to create, new, informative and interesting to read articles. Videos and images are a great way to drive traffic to your website and attract new customers too. But for now, let’s focus on the written content. For more information about a keyword research and a content, optimization check my

How to Rank Your Website in the Top 10 on the First Page of Google

Last but not least are images and graphics for your website. I often use and Just make sure you get the pictures for “Commercial Use & mods allowed”.


After you have gotten your domain, hosting, set up the theme, created suitable content, uploaded the content, submitted the sitemap to the Google Webmasters Tool and has the website up and running, the next step is to create a Backlink strategy.

The Backlinks Strategy is a long but rewarding process. What you have to do is to get other preferably high authority websites linking to the contents on your website. There are many content writing and content scraping tools available but all of them are slowly losing their efficiency. Why?

This is because of Google’s AI (artificial intelligence). After you read the article, you will fast realize that trying to cheat with a fake and spammy content and links just don’t make sense anymore…

So, let’s put it together.

Domain name + a fast shared SSD hosting for a year = around $50

WordPress SEO optimized Theme = around $50

Images and other graphics for the website = $0

Basic SEO and Backlink Strategy from =$100

A total of $200!

And here is the deal! I can set your website up and run for as less as $99. Send me a message if you are interested in this STARTER package and I will set your website up with a guarantee of 500 visitors in the first 3 months!

Still, not sure? Get a FREE Advice – (An extra pair of eyes to look at your idea if it is worth to spend your time and money)

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