Make Money from Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is the way to boost the authority and traffic of your website; here are a few ways to make guest blogging work for you.

First is to create a list of websites in your “niche” with a high authority. Let’s assume that you are not the highest authority or guru in your niche, which means you will have to build and earn the authority from the scratch.

One option is to write a free submission article which must be informative, hand written and beneficial for both your website and the website you would like to post on.

Ideally, you would drop an email to an admin or webmaster and they’d post your article with the backlink to your website on their high DA/PA domain.

We don’t live in a perfect world and everything either cost time, money or both.

Webmaster, who will accept your polished article and hopefully link back to you, do exist; but the selection is extremely limited. I personally didn’t have much luck with that method. The reason is if the website is in the same niche and they will link to you, part of their authority will help you as a competitor. Simply, nobody wants to do it for free. If they need a high-quality article, they will hire a copywriter.

Another option is to pay for the backlinks.

Google says; “That’s against their policy and your website will be penalized.” So what the heck should you do? Give up? Of course not!

Let’s have a look behind the scenes.

The truth is that backlink selling business is a rapidly growing industry. Google or any other company don’t have the time to find out if your links have been paid for or the webmaster decided to place them due it’s high quality.

I’ll share a piece of the knowledge pie with you. Competition is great and leads to creativity. That’s why you have to create partnerships and allies in your “niche” to gain authority.

Live example

I bought an expired domain a few months ago because I wanted to measure how profitable it is to purchase an expired domain. I believe choosing the most competitive niche was the best practice. The domain used to host a political party from the 1990s.

What I did was a complete rebirth of the domain and restoration of the authority. It is a complicated process but if you do it right it can be very rewarding.

After the restoration, the website started to gain natural traffic. More and more people are coming to visit the page and as a smart webmaster, I added the “Contact Us” page with a simple contact form.

Messages like this started pouring in.

cannabis blog

What do you think my response was?


Another one

Canabis blog backlinks

Guess, what happened next.



The fact is that a good backlink strategy doesn’t have to be expensive. The results are proven, paying for backlinks is a standard process. The higher the authority’s web page, the more expensive.

Here’s the catch.

Google is not stupid. Their bots frequently scan the web, looking for blog networks patterns, fake and spam-ish backlinks or any form of automatization. That’s why it is necessary to do this “dirty”, time-consuming job manually. If you prioritize convenience your website will get penalized soon or later. Google looks for natural patterns. A mix of do follow, no follow links, comments, social signals, PRs etc.

Quality outranks quantity. It is very common to see that websites with a few hundred authority backlinks, backed with another tier 2 links will outrank the website with thousands of spam-ish backlinks.  Even if the automatization might work for some of the websites, the life cycle is very short.

What should you do?

There are three options.

Hire an agency or a company. Everybody knows the downside of this. Yes, it’s the price tag!

Do it Yourself. This is an option if you have a lot of time to spend discovering the right strategy for your business. This often ends up with the circle of trial – failure – trial – failure until eventually, you succeed. The problem is the cost of time, the possible damage in case of failure and in the end, it might be even more expensive than to hire a professional.

The third option is to hire a freelancer like myself to check it out for you. The price is just right and the time you save can be invested back into your expanding business. The other great thing about that is, you will learn some basics along the way, remember, the agencies never reveal their “Know How”.

The easiest thing you can do is to drop me an email. My first consultation is FREE.

So, feel free to ask…

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